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The new bunkhouse is progressing slower than hoped. It would seem that builders around here have so much work that they are too busy to even quote for a job!
I think that a 2001 opening is a little optimistic but Iíll keep you informed


Mel at the Crown after suffering a winter of flooded car parks has decided to dig deep (literally) and renew a huge culvert which goes under the front of the Pub, instead of replacing it with a car park he is hoping to have a larger seating area and a Boules area so if there are any Boules experts out there donít forget to bring your balls


The local Mountain Rescue Team have just opened a new base in Abergavenny so if the are any groups who would like a tour or a talk Iíll try to arrange it (small donation to the Team appreciated)

Bunkhouse Bits & Pieces

bulletBookings are going well, we still have some weekends left in the Summer as well as a couple of Bank Holiday Weekends left following some late cancellations, so if you want to get away from it all - send us an e-mail.
bulletThe common room and bedrooms have been tiled out and the wood burner repaired together with a complete paint job so why aren’t you e-mailing me with your booking forms?

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